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  •   Cloning and transient expression of cytoprotective factor, HO-1, in mesenchymal stem cells using the adenoviral expression system through Gateway technology

  •   Relationship between -5T/C polymorphism of platelet GP1BA gene promoter and premature acute myocardial infarction in patients referred to Rajaee Heart center

  •   Application of a NASBA Real-time assay using molecular beacon for detection of HCV virus

  •   Performance of Hospital Blood Transfusion Committees in Tehran 2008-2009

  •   Survey on the PF4 and P-selectin levels in platelet concentrates during storage in two different storage media of plasma and Composol

  •   The effects of aerobic exercise on erythrocyte indices in cancer patients after autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

  •   High-expression of chimeric antigen receptor on T lymphocytes by genomic insertion

  •   The response of hematological factors to a circuit resistance training program with various intensities in athlete male students

  •   The Assessment standards related to transportation , storage , preparation and blood transfusion in Operating rooms of Hamedan Educational Treatment Centers

  •   Study of expansion of CD34+ umbilical cord blood in 3dimentional culture media on mesenchymal stem cell coated scaffold






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