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Sci J Iran Blood Transfus Organ 2021, 18(3): 187-195 Back to browse issues page
Evaluation of alloantibodies in thalassemia patients referred to Hamadan Besat hospital in 2019
M. Afshari, F. Amiri , M.R. Seyedi, M. Biglari, H. Jambozorg
Keywords: Thalassemia, Blood Transfusion, Screening
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Blood Transfusion
Published: 2021/10/2
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Sci J Iran Blood Transfus Organ 2021;18(3): 187-195
Original Article

Evaluation of alloantibodies in thalassemia patients
referred to Hamadan Besat hospital in 2019
Afshari M.1, Amiri F.2, Seyedi M.R.1, Biglari M.1, Jambozorg H.1
1Student Research Committee, Hamadan University of Medical Science, Hamadan, Iran
2School of Paramedicine, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, Iran
Background and Objectives
Chronic blood transfusion can cause alloimmunization in patients with thalassemia. Estimating the frequency of alloimmunization in thalassemia patients can lead to the recognition of existing limitations and the development of appropriate strategies to prevent alloimmunization in thalassemia patients. In this study, we evaluated the prevalence of alloimmunization among patients of thalassemia.
Materials and Methods
In this cross-sectional and retrospective study, the study population was 92 patients with thalassemia referred to Besat Hospital in Hamadan in 2019. The data of all thalassemia patients was collected by census method and entered into SPSS software version 16. The Data was analyzed using Logestic Regression and significance level by p < 0.05.
92 patients including 54 male (58.7% ) and 38 female (41.3%), aged 2-50 years were studied. Among 92 patients, 7 people (7.6%) had positive antibody screening results. The most prevalent detected alloantibodies were anti-c with 6 patients (33.3%), anti-e with 3 patients (16.6%) and anti-JKa with 3 patients (16.6%). The meaningful relation was observed between alloimmunization and hemoglobin concentration (p = 0.006), and alloimmunization and number of blood transfusion (p= 0.009). But there was no significant relation between alloimmunization and age.
According to the results of this study, anti-c, anti-e, and anti-JKa are the most prevalent alloantibodies in the thalassemia patients in Hamadan. This point could be useful to provide suitable matched blood units for thalassemia patients.
Key words: Thalassemia, Blood Transfusion, Screening
Received:    6 Mar 2021
Accepted: 22 May 2021

Correspondence: Amiri F., PhD of Hematology & Blood Banking. Assistant Professor in Department of  Medical Laboratory Sciences, School of Para Medicine, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences.
Postal Code: 6517838741, Hamadan, Iran. Tel: (+9881) 38380109; Fax: (+9881) 38381017
E-mail: f.amiri@umsha.ac.ir
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Afshari M, Amiri F, Seyedi M, Biglari M, Jambozorg H. Evaluation of alloantibodies in thalassemia patients referred to Hamadan Besat hospital in 2019. Sci J Iran Blood Transfus Organ. 2021; 18 (3) :187-195
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